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Motorsport4free rebrands as MS4. Help us to fund worthy causes through motorsport competitions!, an exciting new brand under the GiB Enterprises banner, has 2 main aims:

1. To provide opportunities and support for worthy causes both within and outside the world of motorsport

2. To offer amazing motorsport experiences through prize-draw competitons that boast incredible odds of winning

But to realise these ambitions, we need to raise some funding.

Due to the dynamic nature of our innovative ideas, it is very difficult to secure a loan from traditonal sources, and so we have decided to attempt crowd-funding for the MS4 concept.

If you have watched our Go Fund Me promo video, you will see that MS4 has a set of noble cause-based mission objectives that will be funded by running motorsport related competitions.

The initial funding/investment is required for the following:

  • Purchase of competition prizes (tickets for various UK-based motorsport events)

  • Hiring of talent and equipment to create video promotional material for advertising on social media etc

  • Capability to process competition entries

  • Website hosting

  • Insurances and compliance obligations

  • A backdrop/popup stand for filming, events and exhibitons

  • Promotions/Advertising for launch

We are open to various arrangements to fund the initial startup phase:

  • Donations where funding is gifted, but where the kindness can be repaid in other ways (We have a LOT to offer)

  • Casual loan(s) which we would aim to repay in the shortest possible timeframe

  • Investment in return for a share of the business

Please reach out if you would like to discuss any of the above, we'd love to chat and negotiate something that would be mutually beneficial for everyone.

If you managed to read this far, thank you for your time. And we hope that we can successfully raise the capital required to kick-start this worthy initiative. (coming soon)


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