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Saving time & money for fans via the UK’s only central database of free-to-view broadcasting (M4F) is the UK's only curated and regularly updated searchable online database of dates, times, and platforms or channels where more than 30 different race classes can be watched for free in the UK. It is our mission to provide a central database of where/when free-to-view motorsports can be watched in the UK, while also driving up engagement with - and viewership of - UK motorsport.

Motorsport is huge in the UK. There are over 4500 motorsport events held every year on UK soil across hundreds of classes. The value and popularity of top-level motorsport has been demonstrated by the fact that the broadcast rights to every single major formula has been snapped up by Pay-TV providers. In 2021 there was an average of c1.2million searches per month in the UK for the top 10 most-searched motorsports alone.

Most motorsport fans enjoy a broader range of racing spanning a wealth of different classes, including the newer electric formulae - which have attracted increased attention due to the closer racing, insane acceleration and next-generation tech. The burgeoning world of grass-roots motorsport is also more accessible than it has ever been and is experiencing a fast-growing fan base, which Motorsport4Free aims to encourage and nurture.

For those who do enjoy watching multiple race classes, but have decided against subscribing to Pay-TV, the only traditional option is to trawl the internet weekly to find out which race events are taking place, and where/when they can be watched (or streamed) for free. This time-consuming, repetitive, and complex process understandably deters potential viewers from finding and watching many less-popular motorsports, or results in frustration of missing highlights shows because they are broadcast on an obscure channel/website at an obscure time. Motorsport4Free is the answer to those challenges, and not only sees itself as a service for motorsport fans, but a vehicle to also raise the profile and viewership of UK-based motorsport.

For 2023 the aim is to build traffic to the site and increase brand awareness via strong social media presence. 2024 will see the launch of M4F-TV, which showcases the most random and weird motorsports to be found across the globe in a fun and engaging way.

Access to the database is free on the M4F website, and initially Google AdSense will be employed generate revenue. Once the site has established remarkable traffic numbers, advertising opportunities will be offered to businesses interested in putting their brand in front of M4F’s motorsport fanbase.

Instagram: @motorsport4free

Motorsport4Free (also known as M4F) is a trading name of GiB Enterprises ltd, a holding company which oversees and operates an innovative array of creative B2B and B2C brands.

Registered in England. Company number: 14326968. Registered office: Gib Enterprises Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. Web: Email:


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