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GiB Enterprises Ltd lays the foundation for a virtual shopping mall of creative B2C and B2B services

After 25 years of planning and refining a wide range of exciting concepts, GiB Enterprises has the responsibility of transforming them into profitable businesses and drive growth by providing centralised oversight, common resource and aligned corporate values.

The longer-term ambition of the GiB Enterprises is to develop an array of helpful, creative, and professional B2B and B2C services which are underpinned by the core tenets of Creativity, Vision, and Excellence. This will be achieved not only through evolution of the existing brand portfolio, but also through associations with likeminded complementary brands and via the launch of further innovations that are equally brimming with potential.

The GiB Enterprises portfolio currently boasts the following brands:

  • Compixl – Bringing imagination to life through high-concept creative composite artwork (, @compixl_pure_imagination, Facebook)

  • Verbl – Provision of provide the very best celebrant, host, presenter, MC, speech consultancy and commentator services for any type of occasion or broadcast media (,, Facebook)

  • DarkScorpio Media & Marketing – Cost-effective media, marketing and consultancy services focusing on growth and success of small & medium businesses (, Facebook)

  • Motorsport4Free - Saving time and money for motorsport fans via the UK’s first and only centralised database of free-to-view TV & web broadcasts (, @motorsport4free, Facebook)

Further brand expansion will include photography, pet services, educational games, entertainment hospitality experiences, and TV/Film production - all of which is dependant on demand, market forces, and investment opportunities.

Connect with GiB Enterprises on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date via future articles regarding the current portfolio of brands and ongoing developments.

Registered in England. Company number: 14326968. Registered office: Gib Enterprises Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. Web: Email:


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