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DarkScorpio Media & Marketing relaunches focusing on growth and success of small & medium businesses

The DarkScorpio Media & Marketing (DSMM) mission is to ‘under promise and over deliver’ on cost-effective services while remaining aligned with its parent company’s core values of Creativity, Vision, and Excellence.

Since 2007, DarkScorpio Media & Marketing has been a freelance concern spearheaded by a CIM Chartered Marketer and contracted by SMBs on an ad-hoc basis to assist with web design, graphic design, collateral creation and video production projects. The relaunch of DSMM augments this 15+ years of skills and experience with a host of additional expertise resulting in a brand which offers consultancy services and hands-on assistance to small & medium business across 6 key areas:

1. Audio/Visual production & strategy

2. International & multi-lingual website consultancy

3. Brand refresh & redesign

4. Website consultancy & content maintenance

5. Marketing project assistance

6. Temporary talent-gap resourcing

Boasting a wealth of client successes across a broad range of project types, DarkScorpio is perfectly positioned to help organisations in a variety of ways - from marketing teams who have recently been affected by the ‘great resignation’, to those who would benefit from some advice and guidance as they elevate their ambitious marketing activities to the next level. Companies that wish to enhance their brand, image and online presence are also directly within DarkScorpio’s scope of capability along with those who recognise that video is the key to future marketing success and therefore wish to increase engagement via a comprehensive audio/visual strategy.

Clients who contract with DSMM will receive a clear and transparent statement of work prior to commencing a project, plus regular updates via video-calling (with client directed cadence), a pre-agreed approval matrix and a competitive flat-rate hourly fee across all activity types (plus expenses). This simple approach removes ambiguity and reassures prospective clients that there will be no misunderstandings, hidden fees or unexpected surprises.

DarkScorpio Media & Marketing (also known as DSMM) is a trading name of GiB Enterprises ltd, a holding company which oversees and operates an innovative array of creative B2B and B2C brands.

Registered in England. Company number: 14326968. Registered office: Gib Enterprises Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. Web: Email:


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