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Compixl brings imaginations to life through high-concept creative composite artwork

GiB Enterprises ltd has rebranded, expanded and relaunched the legacy CanvasKids brand as Compixl. Where previously CanvasKids only created wall-canvases featuring exciting composite dreamscapes of costumed children, Compixl’s new approach enhances the service and makes it available all ages, and no longer restricts the final output solely to wall-art.

Compixl now adds Cosplayers, pet owners and those who are celebrating special occasions to its target audience, hoping to capture the imaginations and memorable moments of adults (and animals) as well as the children who love nothing more than dressing-up and play acting as their favourite superhero, princess, spaceman, ninja, firefighter, pilot etc.

The simplified buyer journey involves uploading a high quality photograph to Compixl via the upload form on the website, then providing some creative direction and guidance if necessary and within 10 working days a digital file of the finished composite artwork will be returned via email. The Compixl composite can then be utilised in a variety of ways - be it on a mug, cushion, keyring, greetings card, wall art, T-shirt or across social media. Indeed, a Compixl composite can be the hero element for any number of wonderful unique gift options for families, friends and loved ones.

For the launch phase, Compixl is running a special offer with double discount applied for the first 20 orders with single discount for the next 30 orders. Thereafter standard pricing will apply.

Initial marketing activities will focus on social media (Facebook and Instagram) with regular posting of ‘before-and-after’ composite artwork examples, competitions and discount codes to encourage sharing and engagement. Later in 2023, there will be a more aggressive push into the non-child/cosplayer market through exhibiting at fan conventions and cosplay exhibitions throughout the UK and Europe.


Compixl is a trading name of GiB Enterprises ltd, a holding company which oversees and operates an innovative array of creative B2B and B2C brands.

Registered in England. Company number: 14326968. Registered office: Gib Enterprises Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. Web: Email:


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